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We are the Ducommuns! There are 4 of us now-Craig, Laura, Zamara, and now Mahashavah, our 1 year old son. We adopted Zamara from Ethiopia in 2008. Our son is also from Ethiopia and we are hoping to bring him home soon. We live Flagstaff Arizona. We are so glad you found us. Take a look around and don't forget to leave us a message.

Friday, February 27, 2009

One week till B-Day

Hello all. It is one week until Zamara's Birthday and we thought we would take a few pictures. The weather outside was was in the 50's. That is amazing for Flagstaff in February. A friend of mine from Stroller Strides also has an ETSY shop. I bought this adorable little dress from her. It is so cute!! I can't wait until it is warm enough for Zamara to wear it without the onesie. You should go check out Colleen's etsy shop: Enjoy the pictures.


Monday, February 23, 2009

New Pix

What the heck?  Two posts in one day!  Laura has inspired me.  Here are some more pix from the last few months.  
Hello all!  I feel like a real smutz for not adding anything to the blog in so long...and you all have been checking in every so often only to find that we have been lazy.  Of course, tons of things have been going on, as I am sure the same has been going on in your lives.  

Well, for your viewing pleasure, we have a video of Zamara walking.  She started walking last the babysitter's house of course!  Our friend Shawn got to see the monumental first steps.  We captured some of it on tape yesterday though.   She was very interested in the cat, so she was a little distracted in the video. I cried on Wednesday when I found out I missed the first steps...those darn babysitters!  We missed the first crawling too.  The Tessmer's were the ones who got to see that first.  I did get to see her take her first steps on Thursday morning...where again there were tears, but this time of joy.  Zamara is now a busy little girl.  All she wants to do is walk now, but she is a bit clumsy and keeps falling.  So cute!! 

Zamara's birthday is coming up on March 8th.  We are having a birthday party at our house from 4:30-6pm on that day.  Anyone is welcome to join us.  Just let me know so I make enough cupcakes for everyone.