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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend in Phoenix

Each year as part of our jobs, we get a weekend off to visit another church in order to see how church is "done" in a different place. So we decided to check out a great church in Phoenix called Scottsdale Bible Church. We decided to spend several days down in Phoenix. We went to the World Wildlife Zoo, swam, and ate at a few good restaurants.

This was our fist trip at a hotel for multiple nights, so we were wondering how Zamara would do. She did great--she didn't sleep through the night at all--but it was pretty good for being in the same room as us and in a different environment.

Here are some things we found out on this trip:

  • 1. Zamara loves petting zoos
  • 2. Zamara hates to eat at PF Chang's (we are not sure why, she just gets grumpy)
  • 3. Zamara loves to swim and play in the water
  • 4. Zamara is afraid of feeding giraffes (I mean have you ever been inches away from a 20 foot tall animal? It's pretty freaky!)
  • 5. Zamara called every animal at the zoo a "cat"
  • 6. Zamara loves Greek food, spaghetti at "The Spaghetti Factory" as well as the chicken nachos at "Cantina Laredo" (the best nachos ever)!
We really had a great time in Phoenix. The weather was beautiful. The Zoo was great. I would recommend it to anyone. All the exhibits were close together and there wasn't that much walking. The coolest part is feeding the giraffes. We will definitely take Zizi back there when she's older. The new aquarium there wasn't our favorite. We'd have to rank Monterrey Bay as #1, Newport, OR as #2 and Wildlife World Zoo as #3.

We also spent some time at an outdoor mall (Desert Ridge- if you want to take your little one there too) where Zamara could play in the fountains. We put her new little bikini on her. She looks so funny in it with her diaper--it doesn't really cover up her booty very well.

In the picture with Zamara on Craig's shoulders, there is a monkey in the left bottom of the screen. I thought I would point it out since it's hard to see him.

It's Sunday night now and we are getting everything unpacked and back in it's place. We will be heading to Illinois and Indiana at the end of May, so this was a great test run for that big trip.

Seriously, you have got to have the chicken nachos at Cantina Laredo! Go now!

Have a great week everyone!
Craig and Laura

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The Bell Family said...

That is so funny about the 8 nights of sleeping through the night and then you go on a little vacation and she doesn't do it. That was always our luck as well. It brings back memories that it always took a while for Logan to get back into the old routine. Hopefully, you'll have better luck with that.

We can't wait to see you over Memorial Day.

Angie and all