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We are the Ducommuns! There are 4 of us now-Craig, Laura, Zamara, and now Mahashavah, our 1 year old son. We adopted Zamara from Ethiopia in 2008. Our son is also from Ethiopia and we are hoping to bring him home soon. We live Flagstaff Arizona. We are so glad you found us. Take a look around and don't forget to leave us a message.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Pix

Here are some pix from the last week or so. Enjoy!  First time with a sippy cup....VERY exciting....for her parents at least.  It's so strange saying her first sippy cup was very exciting.  But it was.  Seriously.  At the pool...again.  And we just couldn't wait for winter to put this hat on her. 


Ashley said...

You guys are precious. Zamara is so beautiful-how exciting that she has her first tooth! I can't wait to meet her (and to see you guys of course;) )!! I hope and pray that you are getting into the rhythm of things and figuring out things as a new little family. I"m sure you are both amazing parents!

The Bell Family said...

Zamara is so cute in her little hat. Wow! She is really hitting some milestones right now - sitting up, getting her first tooth are both very exciting!

I hope to see you guys soon!

Auntie Angie